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As the days tick by, we’re busting the moves on our To Do list.  We’ve been doing great so far!  A lot of the list items have been tasks in and around the house, preparing it for our leave.  Making sure fences are in ship shape and zapping at the highest potential, garden beds covered for later, barn cleaned out and organized.  This will make the work much lighter for those at home managing the homestead.

Now we move our attention to the travelers themselves.  We’re doing haircuts (what shaggy animals the boys would be when we return if we didn’t), bentonite clay masking, plucking eyebrows and waxing mustaches (did I just say that out loud… who does that?!), and giving each other pedicures.  We never spoil ourselves quite so much, but since we’ll be grubbing it for so long, we figure we may as well start as soft and done up as possible.

17″ of hair donated to others who need

I’d been threatening a dramatic hair cut for a while.  Several years ago I went shorter and it was fabulous for a season, and I was itching for something easy like it again.  They say you shouldn’t make big decisions when you’re pregnant (think: extreme hormones), so I held off.  After Aury was born, I started having hope that my post-birth hair loss wouldn’t happen this time.  Ha!  Right at 3 months postpartum, just when I thought I was in the clear, it started falling out more than I imagined it would (but no more than it has in the past… I just forget!).  I waited still.  At first, I had noticed I started wearing my hair up in a not-so-cute messy bun during most days.  Then I started to at night in hopes of shedding less.  At that point, I realized it was time to make a move, so I gave in.  Scott gave me the thumbs up, and I wanted to actually have some left to donate, so chopped off 17 inches.  It’s been so dreamy!  I’ll get one last trim before the trip, then let it grow again.  I really do love long hair, but am so enjoying it this way for now.  Especially for a road trip and camping!

We’ve started a list of what we’d like to take for ourselves, limiting it to just a few clothing items that are both durable and versatile, non-wrinkly and thin for easy hand washing.  We should have quite the variety of temperatures, and diverse engagements, so we’ll be creative and put to practice living simply with less.  In some ways, this thrills me tremendously.  In others, I worry we’ll forget something important.   But really, we won’t be roughing it by any stretch, even if we forget something semi-important.

We have several e-books (to conserve space — I’m otherwise not a fan of electronic book reading), and a few motivational and devotionals that we’ll read quietly and aloud, as time permits.  I’ve put together a list of music for Aury to enjoy while napping if he needs a distraction, and some for adult entertainment.  The kids have gathered a few games for their electronics, tho’ I imagine we’ll limit those pretty heavily.  We don’t really do a lot of that, and don’t want to start on such an awesome, family-filled, outdoor-rich adventure!  Here are some (more…)

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Some folks blog

  • to make money
  • to get attention
  • to share their experiences or expertise
  • to journal

Obviously, this literally could include any topic at all inside these incentives.

Most bloggers fit into one of these categories.

I don’t.

I don’t make money, which allows me to recommend (or steer you away from) any thing I share (businesses, laws, thoughts, etc).  I feel like it gives me the ability to be more transparent and honest.  I can openly discuss without fear of financial ramification, but rather with an open dialogue.  I cannot be bought.

I could care less if I get attention for my blog, because it in no way was meant for a specific crowd (tho’ is amusing when one entry may be popular), or to gain approval.

Because I am not consistent in topic or intent, the readers of this blog aren’t a consistent demographic.  I’m not reaching a certain crowd.  I’m not maximizing reader potential or gain by any stretch.

Frankly, I wish sometimes people wouldn’t read it.  At times, things are too intimate to be public, yet because I view my blog is for me, I write entries that start out (or stay) private or password protected so I can share with limited demographics.  For example, I may want counsel or feedback on something I realize I may need help with or advice about.  Or maybe a topic is just very tender.

I think people who blog for others can get caught in a tangled web.  It could become a tool to use to harm others, or to add dramatic flare (and lies) to life, to inflict their opinion on others or feign ‘wisdom’.  I see this a lot, and it makes me very uncomfortable.

Galations 6:3

Because of this, I have very purposely shared very little of some of the very hard things in my life.  You’re not getting the “raw” Summer (which can be quite ugly), tho’ I also try hard not to hide truth out of fear.  You’re getting the thought out, purposeful moments.  I choose to follow this rule with my life, which clearly states what not to focus on, share, or perpetuate:

Philippians 4:8

Philippians 4:8


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